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QRATED, Ep. 2: Oge

QRATED and Oge Araraume sit down to discuss everything QRate and streetwear...

QRate's Creative Director delivers her expert opinions and analysis on everything streetwear. Unpacking the cultural importance of budding brands and identity and the long-lasting love affair between luxury design and sneaker culture, Oge examines why QRate is just getting started.

Having risen to fame at the helm of the QRate conglomerate - revered for her unique style and elegance of new-wave luxury, Oge has become a creative force in the fashion world. A multifaceted artistic creator, she's worked with multiple brands and creators in the past including Net-A-Porter & Martin Rose.

Continuing her work with QRate, Oge continues to innovate streetwear for a new cohort of fashion enthusiasts. Combining strategic prowess with unmatched aesthetic elegance, style and flair, Oge continues to curate and deliver fashion brands and apparel which effortlessly encapsulates the beauty and allure of streetwear.

In an era where designs and collaborations barely go beyond standard logo slapping and reworked colour schemes, Oge is proof that staying unique to you, is more important than what is simply accepted.

All curated capsules and collections from Oge are available on



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