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QRate LLC is a private limited company, with its registered offices at Westbourne Park, London, UK - Registered in the Companies House (Registrar of Companies for England and Wales) under no. 11493466, represented by Moyosore Aboderin, its Chief Operations Officer. is edited and published by QRate

We have the right to amend, remove or vary our services and/or any part of the Website (including our Ts&Cs) at any time.

These terms and our dealings with you are subject to English law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Head of Redaction: LA

Hosting: 500 Terry A Francois Boulevard Sixth Floor San Francisco, CA 94158 USA


Website built and designed by LA

Integration and development: LA

Photo credits: QRate LLC

All content, websites, and apps are designed in-house.


It’s fine for you to link to, as long as you do so in a way that is not-commercial, is fair and legal, and doesn’t damage or take advantage of our reputation. 

Please don’t link in a way that suggests any form of approval or endorsement by QRate where none exists. 

Our Website must not be framed on any other site without our permission.



QRate owns or has permission to use the intellectual property rights in its Website and its content. These rights are protected around the world. All such rights are reserved.


You’re allowed to store, print and display our Website content only for your own personal use. You are not allowed to use any part of the Website for commercial purposes unless you have our express permission.


You’re also not allowed to use the QRate logo or any QRate brand or trademark (or any marks which are colourably similar) without our express permission.



Have we reached out to you on social media to feature your content on our social media channels? Congrats! It means we love your style.

By giving you the opportunity to feature your content on our social media channels and by responding with the required hashtag (such as #YellowGlobe) you agree:

  • we can use your handle and the content (the “Content”) on, and/or on any of QRate’s social media platforms (including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter).

  • we can edit, crop, adapt, enhance or modify the Content (but QRate will not treat you in a derogatory manner).


You promise that you:

  • have the permission of everyone in the Content;

  • have the right to grant QRate the above rights; and

  • are at least 16.

If you (or anyone in the Content) asks us to remove the Content, we will remove the Content from the social media accounts that we control.


You understand that other users of these social media platforms can also share and make use of the Content once posted.  In particular, a user of these platforms can take a screenshot of and save an image of the Content to their device, share the Content on social media platforms or websites which feature the Content (and sharing capabilities). If you do not want to grant the permissions set out above then please do not give us consent to use the Content.

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